Sunday, June 28, 2009

VOTE ZAFRIE!!! (sticker mode, new n3 kat bwh...)

Alamak!!! x disangka-sangka, Zafrie terpilih msk ke final antara ramai2 yg join 'Contest aksi Menarik'....hehehe...Naylie x dpt...xpe, lain kali kiter cuba di contest yg lain...Aksi Menarik Zafrie adalah ini....( kalu nk view n3 Aksi Menarik nie, scroll ke bwh atau kalu x jumpa, g older post... )
Utk Vote, g ke blog Mama Uzma, msk kat n3 sticker mode,'Undi di sini'...
Pastu comment, mskkan B 0035...Kod aksi utk Zafrie...
Okay...mari vote beramai2...Thankz pd yg sudi vote...


  1. tahniah zafrie..untie akan undi byk2

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  3. tq vote tuk airell.kompom vote tuk zafrie gak..nampak gaya cam leh menang sbb zafrie tido cam klaka je...pampers pun cam da londeh2..heheh

  4. tq vote tuk vote zafrie gak tau...=)

  5. ok nnti kita tukar vote kay

    pstt..nk tumpang iklan
    vote for afiq kay!